Meeting 24 April 2021

It was a great meeting today – It was wonderful to see new and old faces, share our common vision and exciting ideas. There was a consensus that the property at Landbeach had potential to be a home for CLFC eco-village. I invite everyone to take a look at the details…/cambridgeshire-9527…/

It offers accommodation within a large house with 5+ bedrooms, 4 cottages and 6 waterside lodges, a lake, a common building, other buildings and 15 acres for regenerative food growing. To begin with there is an income from renting some of the building as holiday lets to help fund the ecological regeneration of the site.

Some other factors/options which have been borrowed from previous meetings:

  1. Money –
    a. we have a community bank account in order to build a ‘fighting fund’. If you feel it is appropriate please do contribute what you can, as it is vital for the purchase of property, early planning costs, and to attracting the interest of grant funders and lenders. Whatever amount however small will help.

b. A crowd funding exercise was suggested as a means to raise funds for a specific part of the project – this could be the purchase of land. This is something that I have discussed with Rajiv, who is sharing his contacts of investors and resources.

c. Investors – if there are any of you that do have money that you would like to invest in the project in this current phase, please do contact me to discuss how it may work.

  1. Survey
    Thank you for all of you have completed the CLFC survey, if you haven’t yet completed it, or know of someone else interested please send them to to register their interest and express their wants/needs/contributions.
  2. Skill shares/ work groups
    It was suggested in a past meeting that it can be very useful to work together in small groups focusing on different interests/ skills/passions within the group. If anyone is interested in developing this and also creating a better platform to communicate work together online, please do let me know.
  3. Planning –
  4. I spoke with James Shorten who is our project and planning advisor, and he has said that the site offers good potential to be converted from holiday lets to residential.
  5. Next meeting
    As the group is growing and there are some of us who have not met yet, it could be a good idea to meet up socially – if you have any ideas please let me know.

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