Get Involved

Getting Involved

Please read our CLFC_Landbeach ecovillage brochure June 2021 (Draft)


We are looking for people to join us in working actively, as we proceed through the project, towards the creation of an eco-village on the outskirts of Cambridge. We have got off to a fantastic start, and are keen for more people to join us.

The qualities we are looking for:

Getting on together
Attending meetings
Joining in the work

It is proposed that there will be a membership contribution and/or monthly payment of an amount of your own discretion. We invite potential new members to find out about the project. We hold regular open meetings to tell people about our project. Please refer to the copy of the project plan for our current financial and other requirements.

Becoming a Supporter:

If you wish to support our project, but without becoming a member, we invite you to become a Friend.

Register your interest as a member or friend today by filling out the CLFC survey. We will contact you to arrange the details.

How we function: To create our eco-village neighbourhood we are developing our growing group of potential residents, and working with our professional partners to design and develop our neighbourhood. We hold regular meetings for all members, where we get to know one another and work to make the project happen.  Our two working groups focus on building the group of people and building the neighbourhood.  A steering group co-ordinates the work and liaises with the project group. We hold open meetings and events where interested people can find out about our project and see if they want to join us.