Group visit to Landbeach 4.6.21

It was a lovely day to view the site at Landbeach, and from speaking with you all – everyone could see the potential offered for an Eco-village, and I look forward to going with those who couldn’t make it today next Monday at 4.30 pm – please do complete and return the attached agent form if you are going to attend this viewing.
 I am aware that we are all asking ourselves to take a step from perceived security towards co-creating something beautiful and there is fear involved in doing so.  

At this stage I am aware of the need to clarify some factors – 
– In their current format, there are the following dwellings (subject to planning permission)
Personal space

1 x 3 bed cottage

2 x 2 bed cottages

1x 1 bed cottage (on 2 floors)

2 x bedsits with bathrooms

4 x 2 bed lodges 

2 x lodges finished to shell and roof

1 x farmhouse with 4 beds

We perceive converting at least one or 2 of the waterside lodges into 4 or 5 bedroom homes suitable for families.

The present total number of habitable dwellings are 11.

The vision of the eco-village is to be multigenerational and most of the units would not accommodate a family of more than 4 in total in their present form, however we are arranging for a pre planning application to discuss the conversion of holiday let units to residential and also for their expansion to add further bedrooms.  

Common areas

1 x bottom floor approx 150 sq M of farm house – kitchen and 3 receptions rooms, 

1 x community building with office and stables (and currently a workshop) 300 sq m

1 x storage shed 20sq m

1 x laundrette 80 sq m

Sheds and summerhouses

1 x 3 acre lake14.5 acres of land (8 acres for growing food)

3 access routes from the main road


Current planning permission for another unit of about 300 sq m next to current community building
The proposal is that everyone who joins as a member of the community will have their own personal space and shared ownership of all common areas.
This personal space (and share common areas) will be valued by way of calculating the overall purchase price (when agreed) and dividing it into a value for each unit and the share of the value of the communal areas.
This is what is know as mutual home ownership and is recognised by several mortgage providers – building societies like Ecological and Triodos, who we are talking to at the moment.
In order to make the project financially sustainable and meet our vision of providing truly affordable homes for all, we need to minimise any borrowing.

For this reason we are looking for people who:

1. Love the Landbeach site

2. Love the eco-village vision

3. Have cash to buy their equity in the community. 

The initial goal is to provide at least 70% of the asking price of £2.6 million from members buying equity in the community, and cover the remaining amount by means of a mortgage. With the goal of paying off this mortgage completely as new dwellings are built and new members buy in. In this position we will also have room for those without cash but who can pay rent. We are not yet at this position of having 70% cash available for the purchase of the site, and are actively looking for those that could contribute in this way either now or in the near future.
At this stage we are working with some very good professional advisors, members of other eco-villages and community members to help make the vision a reality by:

1. Creating a business plan

2. Creating a beautiful brochure to answer some of our questions, and attract further members:

a. How much would my dwelling cost?

b. What stages do we need to go through before we can move in?

c. What the village may look like with food growing spaces, more trees, dwellings, workspace and what it may look like/include as we work to make it more ecological.

d. The overall vision, ethos, governance etc.

3. Applying for grant funding for 90% of the cost of the planning work that needs to be done, and other funding available.
4. Setting up appropriate legal structures

I would like to plan another face to face meeting after the viewing next Monday in order to determine our financial situation as a group before making an offer on the Landbeach property.

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