The journey, challenges and possibilities

A concept drawing of a similar project

 Journey so far


  • 4 group meetings in Cambridge to:
    • Agree vision
    • Facebook page, online member Forum,Website work started
    • Creating Network / connections
    • Skills matrix creating
  • Read books, Attended conferences, connection with Co-housing, CLT, Transition Network, identifying Potential partners, researched planning, building, energy and food options,
  • Bank Account / Unincorporated group
  • Exploring suitable legal structure

Possible Work areas in CLFC

  • Well-being, Therapy and Complementary Health care
  • Training – Mind, Body, Personal growth, Sustainability
  • Bookstore, second hand shop, recycling – the possibilities are endless
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Permaculture Training – food, energy, building.
  • Home Schooling, Childcare, Waldorf School
  • Care of elderly within community

Meeting at the Therapy Room

Possible Legal structures

Legal structures that may be appropriate are

  • A Community benefit society (CBS)
  • A Charitable company
  • A CIC (Community Interest company)

The above are being explored with CLT.

Membership & Governance

  • Community is open to all
  • CLFC would be managed by its members
  • an elected Board responsible for operations
  • any CLFC member can serve in the board
  • decision making -democratic, consensus based
  • major different views would get ‘Mediated’


  • Maintaining cohesion in team / Partners
  • Initial Funding requirements
  • Land- A large investment is land – Options are to get the Land Free or discounted.
  • Building, Planning permission
  • Start-up investment for building and self-sustaining activities.

Current steps

  • Visit similar Eco-villages for ideas / connections – Hockerton Housing Project.
  • Establish Legal structure
  • Address short-term funding – CLT application.
  • Work with consultants to formulate a business plan – Setting up an Advisory Board.
  • Attend programs / conferences – Transition Homes Totnes.
  • Speaking with the first Community right to build project in the UK- Atmos in Devon.
  • Meeting next month with Peter Guthrie – Centre of Sustainable Design at Cambridge University, to discuss partnership and land availability – department of Land Economy.
  • Proactively look at some potential sites