Earth Bag Build – design brief

To view the design brief please click the link, and apply to join the CLFC google forum (if you are not a member already)!topic/cambridgelivingfuturecommunity/RFAZMb1tsyQ

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Audio recording of 30th March steering group meeting with transcript

Alternative sites ? Amber sites ? Written report by Debbie – scoping document – different to one Debbie usually writes. Lots of evidence included from survey and from previous meetings. Treated 10th March meeting as scoping day. National CLT network need this report to release more funding. Need this further funding to set up a…

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Earth Bag project in Cambridge – do you want to be involved?

From Jacky Sutton-Adam – Dear CLF community, my neighbour ( CB4 area ) has a large quantity of surplus topsoil and is considering a small earthbag construction project… is there anyone in your group who might be interested in having a look at the site and discussing it with him? if it’s a good idea…

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