Audio recording of 30th March steering group meeting with transcript

Alternative sites ?
Amber sites ?
Written report by Debbie – scoping document – different to one Debbie usually writes.
Lots of evidence included from survey and from previous meetings.
Treated 10th March meeting as scoping day.
National CLT network need this report to release more funding.
Need this further funding to set up a legal entity amongst other things.
Now – waiting to hear back from National CLT network.
How much available ?
£4k for technical advice.
Another £4k (or so) potentially available.
So – £10k in total including £500 for scoping document (just written).
Money available for whatever we need help on (survey done ?).
Went to see landowner Sawston.
Summary – been to see barrister for appeal on his preferred project.
Wants to recoup money – he’s spent a large amount to date.
Landowner interested in income generation – some sort of business.
He proposed we see the planners in South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC).
To gain idea of whether CLFC is red,amber or green status IE whether it’s likely to get planning permission.
Feeling ?
If SCDC and Parish Councils (PCs) like the project what would he do ?
He wants to make back enough money and then to diversify from farming.
How would we make money for him ?
We said we’d like land at agricultural prices.
RC felt we’d have 15 acres split from rest, away from lake ie option/planning on just that bit, and he could do what he wants on his bit.
Plus for site – good site for regeneration.
Lot of money spent on surveys – though specific to his resort project.
Done archaeological survey.
Good location.
Not isolated.
Show site to James – Planning advisor with Totnes.
Fleur has put together some designs – for where things can go.
(Damien has seen these)
James – lanscaping important, make site more green, but in a designated site for no housing – need to justify housing … …
Green belt – very precious – need compelling reasons why we need to be on green belt – why essential that our development goes ahead ?
8 market builders that do 70% of the developments in Cambridge.
Benefit of Sawston site – room for expansion.
Remaining portion of land – owned by Robert Smith – problem – if we get planning permission – then maybe he’d think that he could get planning permission for housing on the rest of the land – so no land left for eco-village to expand into.
Nigel/Bill in Stapleford – worried that landowner would use us to develop the rest of his land.
Maybe better to work with 3 PCs – but we’ll need the PCs to provide land if they don’t want us to work with Robert Smith.
what if we obtain his land and then have nothing to do with him ?
3 villages worried about being absorbed by Cambridge.
… … … 17 mins and 3 seconds

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